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JFK Special 3: Oswald was in the doorway, after all!


So we begin with the Altgens photograph, where JFK is clutching his throat and you can even see a bullet hole in the windshield–a small, while spiral nebula with a dark hole in the center–where his left ear would be if it were visible, where it passed through:

Then we move toward the background images, where someone is looking out the doorway, where his identity has been disputed:  some say it’s Lee Oswald, others that it’s Billy Lovelady; but if it’s Lee Oswald, then he can’t be on the 6th floor shooting at JFK:

Then we look more closely and discover that that whitish-blur to the right-front of the man in the doorway is the obfuscation of someone, where the only reason for obfuscating an image would have been if someone had been there who should not have been:

But the only one who should not have been there was Lee Oswald, which led me (Jim Fetzer) to suppose that the man whose face and shirt had been obfuscated must have been Lee, who even told Will Fritz he was “out with Bill Shelley in front” during his interrogation:


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