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America — The World’s Newest Dictatorship

•, by Montecristo
 In a revealing series of interviews on Amy Goodman’s “Democracy Now” program, three individuals targeted by the American surveillance state — William Binney, former top NSA official, Jacob Applebaum, an internet security specialist who works with WikiLeaks, and Laura Poitras, an Oscar-nominated documentary film-maker whose work has brought her to the attention of US authorities and led to her harassment by US government agents — give compelling evidence that America is no longer a free country.
Binney resigned his position with the National Security Agency (NSA) after 40 years in protest at the government’s increasingly totalitarian methods of data-collection and retention, without judicial oversight. The government has targeted him: in 2007, his home was invaded by FBI agents after he went to the Senate Intelligence Committee with revelations about illegal NSA spying on American citizens: they pointed guns at him, and warned that he would “not do well” in prison.
Applebaum and Poitras have been detained, searched, and interrogated every time they have re-entered the US from abroad — Poitras over 40 times — and had their laptops seized and presumably copied.
None of these individuals have been charged with a crime.

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Comment by Boston Releigh
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At your own risk, you can call them your angels from heaven if you want, but it requires no further explanation why the Government no longer take chances in dealing with those three terrorists who on record had been identified by the FBI as "extremely dangerous". They must be among those big "Stars" in red, in the FBI Watch List!

Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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AMERIKA is the only dictatorship in the world where government-haters and juvenile delinquents love more than their unmarried single mother who doesn't even know who their real father is.


When the Government gives them an inch of freedom, they can take down all of it, including the Government -- and still enjoy watching football and a can of beer.


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