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Murder in Arizona – Was Ready a “State Sponsored Killing?”


While news around the world was told that sheriff candidate J.T. Ready, leader of the controversial US Border Guard, had killed his family and himself, they had always been holding an eyewitness, the 17 year old daughter of Ready’s girl friend, who, from moment one, had given them descriptions of those who killed Ready and the rest of her family.

Yet, the Gilbert police, the Pinal County Sheriff, both suspected of being on “cartel” payrolls, nor even the FBI, conflicted by jurisdictional disputes, has yet to release the truth, begin an investigation or start looking for suspects.

Here is some of the local coverage, this from a “Steven Lemons,” who got the story wrong and whose publication is withholding a retraction:

Yellow Journalism Plus

In fact, “government” could do no more to kill Ready and his family unless they had done it themselves.   The frightening thing is that that local police are number 2 on the list of official suspects and refuse to allow the witness, now with US Marshals for protection, to tell her story or to begin an investigation on a mass murder nearing a week old.


I met J.T. in June 2005 while I was Republican candidate for governor of Arizona.  I was a speaker at a rally in front of the Mexican consulate, a rally opposing illegal immigration, one of my core beliefs.  J.T. introduced himself and said he backed me but also looked on Israeli influence in the US as a danger to sovereignty also.  I knew his history, flirting with White Supremicist organizations but his rhetoric on “Jews” was mild, particularly so in comparison to the private discussions I had overheard with Arizona party officials who, when not near a microphone, shared some of J.T.’s views but used a softer rhetoric.  Was J.T. an “anti-semite?”  I think he fits among groups that have been charged as such, but that charge has been leveled at anyone who has opposed AIPAC or a “one state solution” to assure Middle East peace.  Were his views far from the average Arizona conservative, the average Republican voter?

On that I have to say his language was immoderate but typical discussions were Middle East issues, influence in Washington and only on occasion bordered on racist blithering, something I admit is too common place and tends to discredit the more honest economic and security issues that need addressing.


This is the power that drug money has over Arizona and the interjurisdictional issues that exist inside the state, with local and county governments working directly for cartels.

Ready had told associates that he had “honed his white supremacists ‘street creds” at the request of federal “handlers,” part of a joint task force investigating international terrorism ties between biker gangs, cartels and police, a task force run by the DEA and FBI.  Six weeks before his murder, Ready said he thought he had been “made” as an informant.


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