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Does Death Exist?

• arclein
According to Biocentrism, space and time are not the hard objects we think. Wave your hand through the air – if you take everything away, what’s left? Nothing. The same thing applies for time. You can’t see anything through the bone that surrounds your brain. Everything you see and experience right now is a whirl of information occurring in your

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Comment by Ed Price
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"Wave your hand through the air – if you take everything away, what’s left? Nothing." Actually, what is left is the ether, an elastic solid that supports all the electromagnetics that make up the atomic and sub atomic structures of everything.

The idea of "nothing" is something absurd. It has only been fairly popular in physics for the last hundred years, or so.

If you have a vacuum, like the airlessness of outer space, sound does not travel. Sound vibrations need material to travel through.

Light is a vibration, as well, albeit a different kind of vibration than sound is. But, like sound, it needs some medium to "pass" it along through, just like sound needs air. This medium is the ether.

What looks like empty space, feels like empty space, acts like empty space, is NOT empty space. We have been lied to by the best minds behind physics. And the probable reason for the lie is that, if we all realized that space was a solid, there just might be a whole bunch of us attempting to extract some "free" energy from it in a bunch of abstract ways. Some of us might be successful, and we would put the power grid out of business.

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