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29 Creative Ways to Say 'I Quit'

•,David Mielach
 A new survey reveals that some workers are more creative than others when it comes to giving their two weeks' notice.
From quitting because "work was getting in the way of having fun" to "quitting to join the circus," the responses in this poll, which was conducted by staffing service firm, OfficeTeam, ranged from simple honesty to the surreal. Some of the best excuses included:
"Someone left because her boss lost the dog she had given him." "One person left because she lost her cellphone too many times at work." "We had someone quit to participate in a reality show." "An employee said it was his routine to change jobs every six months." "One worker left to become an apple farmer." "A staff member quit to climb Mount Everest." "There was an individual who left to play the trombone." "An employee wanted to enter a beauty contest." "One worker quit to join a rock band." "A guy said he was making too much money and didn't feel he was worth it." "One person left because she didn't want to work so hard." "An individual said he was bored." "Someone quit because she was going to live off her trust fund." "A person quit because informal dress was not allowed." "The worker told us he just couldn't get up in the morning." "He quit because he didn't like the way the office smelled." "One employee didn't enjoy the cafeteria food." "An individual did not like the sound of file cabinets being slammed." "One person quit to watch a soccer tournament."

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Comment by Ed Price
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Dr. Ron Paul, this comment is for you.

While I am a lot younger than you are, the stress of mounting years is becoming a heavier and heavier load for me as well. Two things that I do to keep my health and energy up.

1. I blend my salads in a high-speed blender. This breaks the difficult-to-digest plant fibers up so that my system can get more of the nutrients out of them. Also, I find that I can get a much larger amount of salad this way. It works for me.

2. I eat lots of walnuts; they seem to have nutrients that the brain needs to keep from becoming tired and dull. Walnuts can be hard to digest. So I blend them, both with the salad veggies (like above), and with protein mixes and drinks.

NOTE: I find that when I start a new nutritional regime, I usually receive some noticeable energy benefits from it. I find that the extra energy makes me feel so good that I overdo my activities. Then I become tired again. So, be wise in your use of nutrition for energy.

Keep up the good work. We are all here to support you.

Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

Actually, Ron Paul is the best friend that Big Business, Big Government, Big Pharma and Big Military have. And most of them don't even realize it. Why? Because if the system continues as it is now - which is what most of the campaigners would allow to happen - it will implode and collapse, taking down Big Business, Big Government, Big Pharma and Big Military right along with it. And it will hurt millions or billions of little people as well.

If Ron Paul is allow 4 years in office, he may be able to make enough key changes that just might stave off the crash for another 50 years... provided we have some wise people running the future after him.

Comment by Boston Releigh
Entered on:

Yes, Brit -- in behalf of our readers tired of reading Ron Paul -- I am giving Ron Paul a free ride to oblivion. And the idiocy of his supporters from the 'lunatic fringe" never to be heard again!

Comment by Anonymous
Entered on:

 Brag, that's so "poetic" for you to say. "Dirty dusts in the desert storm ... blown away by the angry howling wind". That could attract women in a bestial way.  I can't imagine how Ron Paul looks like that. Are you putting a language to "lunacy"?

Comment by Boston Releigh
Entered on:

Serving years in the Military, this is what I have to say:  In politics, Ron Paul is an old, old soldier. Old soldiers never quit, they don't even die -- they just fade away; in Ron Paul's case disappearing from the scene, like the dirty dusts in the desert storm that settled in my face, I was glad the angry howling wind just blew them away!

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
Entered on:

For the last 20 years Ron Paul has been running for President [couldn't get a single nomination]. Now that he is old and sickly-looking, he is still running. When he announces that he is quitting from the GOP presidential nomination race -- and that is any day from now -- he will just simply say, "I quit because I am sooooo tired of running." Add this to your 29 creative ways of saying "I quit".

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