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Romney Takes Swipe at Ron Paul’s Budget Blueprint

•, by Michael Tennant
 Paul has proposed slashing $1 trillion from the federal deficit in his first year in office and balancing the budget in three years. He has argued that much of this deficit reduction could be achieved by ending America’s overseas military operations, closing foreign bases, and bringing the troops home.

Romney, however, will have none of it, reports the Washington Times.

“My job is to get America back on track to have a balanced budget,” he told attendees at a suburban Cleveland town hall event Monday. “Now I’m not going to cut $1 trillion in the first year,” he added — a clear jab at Paul’s plan.

“Why not, someone in the crowd apparently asked,” according to the Times.

“The reason,” Romney explained, “is taking a trillion dollars out of a $15 trillion economy would cause our economy to shrink [and] would put a lot of people out of work.”

This, of course, is pure Keynesian economics — the idea that the economy cannot grow without massive government spending. History proves otherwise: The economy stagnated while the government spent more and more during the Great Depression, but it took off when federal spending plummeted after World War II.

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Comment by Sam Weathersby
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It looks like Romney's RINO is showing. Or is it his CINO?

In this case I would say it's his Conservative In Name Only hanging out for those with eyes, to see. Many are so fearful of 0 being re-elected they are easily manipulated by their fear & think we must support the R candidate no matter who that is. In Mitt's case it's a cleverly devised trap to keep the Collapse The [US] System in play. 

 0 took over from where Bush left off. Romney is 'telling' us he would continue where 0 leaves off if Mitt wins. Ron Paul is the only one outside the establishment box who would do a 180' fiscal turnaround.

 Like Judge Napolitano says, there isn't a dime's worth of difference between 0 & Captain CINO.

Here is more not so good news for REAL conservatives about good old boy Mitt. 

Romney exposed   Fake Conservative Mitt:   Snakes On A Campaign, M Romney, by Southern Avenger

What big govt in disguise Mitt fails to say is that Ron would make up the trill by cutting 5 agencies, bring the troops home, take a great reduction in pay as POTUS, cut military spending [not defense spending] & incrementally reduce fed spending across the board.

 Mitt is not much interested in cutting govt in spite of his double tongue speech. Ron Paul has the past walk to back his current talk. Romney, who knows where he truly stands on any thing?

Well, his jab at Ron is a great indicator & what he said in the 1st link above, almost word for word mirroring 0, what the Southern Avenger showed in his video, Romney Exposed & the article by Kelleigh Nelson...a poker player at the very least would call these major 'tells'. So maybe we DO know where Mitt really stands.



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