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Meat And Restaurant Industries Agree, Meat Glue Is Safe For Human Consumption

•, Susanne Posel
 The American Meat Institute called a conference last week to discuss the issue of meat glue. With the recent controversy, the trade group wanted to assert that since the USDA considers meat glue safe, they endorse its use in restaurants and grocers. 
Transglutaminase, or Activa, is manufactured by Ajinomoto North America. This corporation also manufactures pervasive neurotoxins aspartame and MSG (monosodium glutamate.)

While aspartame and MSG are known to be dangerous for human consumption, transglutaminase has not been studied enough to be conclusively negatively affective. However, the enzyme that binds is covalent; formed by cross-linked, insoluble and irreversible protein polymers.

The binding enzyme in transglutaminase is made by cultivating bacteria using blood plasma from cows and pigs, but also can be created from vegetable or plant extracts. No regulatory body, including the FDA, forced manufacturers to divulge the process they use to create transglutaminase or its bonding enzymes. Even “kosher” meat has a special meat glue created especially for it.


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Comment by Rod Souza
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Funny how the terminology  changed from "Pink Slime" to "Meat Glue"

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Chip, you are a breath of sanity an otherwise crazy world. 

I laughed when I posted an article about the conference last week.  I knew they were doing this with the ham I liked, and pretty much all the others that don't have a bone through them...not that that would stop them from getting rid of a bone.  Just didn't know the particulars until now.  Mmmmm, meat glue.

Comment by Chip Saunders
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The glue is safe, but the use of it not. Unless the glued meat product is cooked completely through,...something few people do,...bacteria on the surface of the glued pieces (now deep inside and untouched by the temps needed to kill them) is able to be ingested, and then harm you. 

If you are the person who glues the product together, then you likely know this risk and can deal with it.


But many glued meat products are sold to unknowing consumers, who believe it can be safely cooked rare and then consumed without risk,...WHICH IS UNTRUE!!!


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