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Another Highway Robbery

• The Agitator

For more than a year, NewsChannel 5 Investigates has been shining a light on a practice that some call “policing for profit.”

In this latest case, a Monterey police officer took $22,000 off the driver — even though he had committed no crime.

“You live in the United States, you think you have rights — and apparently you don’t,” said George Reby . . .


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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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The second I read the headline I knew it was in Tennessee. Out right highway robbery in this state has been the status quo for sometime now and inspite of the blatant crimes being committed and reported by these thugs with guns and badges, it continues to be business as usual sanctioned by the dens of corruption, (courts). It still remains out of control.

Comment by Dennis Treybil
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Not so long ago, we all cheered when the great sovereign and volunteer state of Tennessee wrote legislation to curtail enforcement of NDAA.

I noted then that it was merely one more hideous sow in a beauty contest among other hideous sows. 

The hideous sow of the great sovereign and volunteer state of Tennessee appeared to be winning the beauty contest at that happier, earlier time.

Meanwhile, it seems to have suffered a make-up malfunction.

The same legislature that wrote the anti-NDAA stuff we all cheered also wrote the hideous language that made this unseemly event possible.

I suppose this qualifies that body for entry in the pageant.

Currently the hideous sow of the media appears to be moving forward in the contention for a final winner.

On the outside chance someone who doesn't already know this better than I, the media is simply another hideous sow in the same beauty pageant. 

In response to my response to that earlier article, Pure Trust insisted that the sows, the pageant, the states and all were purely imaginary.  I know what he was driving at.  Still, tell officer Dudley DoRight the state is not real.  And tell Judge "Gideon" the state is not real.  And doesn't George Reby wish Pure Trust was right.

Jose' Sylva (creater of Sylva Learning systems) in the last sentence of one of his books said, "Reality is a dream we all share."

We may all wish for the day in which the dream of a just state (or even no state) is shared by all.

Meanwhile, if there's anything at all to be thankful for here, I suppose that might be the fact that such pageants are still being held.

DC Treybil

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Officer Larry Bates: The Face of Highway Robbery in Tennessee


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