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Get Organized: One Email Address

•, Jill Duffy
 Before you arrive at a job interview, before you pass a phone screening, before anyone even opens your cover letter, what does your potential employer know about you?

If you answered "nothing," you're wrong. The very first thing that hiring managers is your email address. And depending on what your email address is, they might know enough to toss your application in the trash.

During the month of May, the Get Organized series is tackling topics that are pertinent to recent college graduates and other new job seekers. This week's column is about the importance of having one primary email address, and what it should and shouldn't tell potential employers about you.
Anyone who has ever said your appearance makes the first impression, wasn't living in the era of email. When applying to jobs, the first thing someone knows about you is your email address. And they will make judgments, conscious and unconscious, based on it. Don't give them a reason to discard you too quickly.

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