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Some Historical Perspective for Ron Paul Activists

• McMakin

I remember how after 2008, some people I talked to pledged to "never give money ever again" to Ron Paul because he "wasn't serious" about winning. These people think elections are all that matter, but that's not how political and intellectual movements work. The election of numerous libertarian candidates will be a lagging indicator, not a leading indicator, of the success of a libertarian movement. The population still isn't there. Although it will be.

It's absolutely unbelievable that some people who claim to be champions of freedom are now viciously badmouthing a man who can claim much credit in making libertarianism a household word – as it now is – and has been instrumental in building the most important challenge to central banking and the warfare state in a century. All of this is in addition to taking control of the GOP machinery in numerous states and cong. districts.

I might also note that I turned on the tele the other day and there was Ron Paul talking about central banking. Note to newcomer activists: I know it's hard to believe, but before RP's 2008 run, there was once a time when libertarians weren't on TV regularly talking about Austrian free-market economics and the evils of war. I swear it's true. Cross my heart and hope to die.

Politically, Ron Paul is doing what the Religious Right successfully did 20 years ago when it became a major force in the party, and he's rebuilding the intellectual infrastructure of the American right wing in a way similar to what Buckley did in the 1950s. Except, where Buckley only pretended to be for the rule of law and limited government, Ron Paul is the real thing. And Paul's even doing it without CIA money, unlike Buckley. RP's the continuation of the old libertarian movement that existed in opposition to war and the New Deal before it was hijacked by the conservative apologists for the state.


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Comment by David McElroy
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 Ron Paul did not quit the campaign, but mainstream media like the Drudge Report did much to give the public that impression. Ron Paul has actually achieved his goal of winning enough states and delegates to cause the GOP to grudgingly acknowledge him as a speaker and ballot contender in Tampa. He is wisely putting limited funds where they will do the most good, rather than spending it on huge public events. He can fill stadiums, but their rent is high! Let's all send some bucks to fatten Ron Paul's campaign coffers and see the Ron Paul R3volution blimp flying over the GOP convention!

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