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Here's The TED Presentation About Rich People That TED Doesn't Want You To See

•, Grace Wyler
 Obviously, Hanauer's position is anathema to most of his fellow billionaires. Although his talk was well-received, TED officials eventually decided that it was too "politically controversial" to post the presentation on the TED website.
In an email to Business Insider this afternoon, Hanauer said that he accepts TED's right not to post his presentation, but that he disagrees with their reasoning:
"I got a sensational reaction to the talk at the conference itself, including a big standing ovation. Even the people who I spoke to who disagreed were intrigued and moved by the eco-systemic argument," Hanauer said in the email. "And many of the talks at the conference and on the TED website are similarly controversial. That's what makes them interesting."
He added: "Further, if it was too political, why have me do it in the first place? They knew months in advance what I would speak about and I gave the talk word for word. My arguments threaten an economic orthodoxy and political structure that many powerful people have a huge stake in defending. They will not go easily."

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Comment by Glenn Jacobs
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Hanauer bases his presentation on the erroneous Keynesian idea that consumption drives economic growth. This is incorrect. If consumption drives growth, we could borrow and spend our way to prosperity. Savings and investment drive growth, allowing for more consumption at a later date. 

 Direct taxation transfers wealth and resources from the private (productive) sector of the economy to the government (nonproductive) sector, resulting in less wealth available to save and invest.

The indirect tax of inflation destroys savings and, thus, discourages savings and investment while encouraging present consumption.



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