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The US Is 'Fully Available And Ready' For A Military Strike Against Iran

•, Robert Johnson
 Maayan Lubell at Al Arabiya reports Ambassador Dan Shapiro said that while it would be best to diplomatically resolve concerns over Iran's nuclear program without using military force, "[T]hat doesn’t mean that option is not fully available - not just available, but it’s ready. The necessary planning has been done to ensure that it’s ready.”

There has been speculation over whether Israel will lead an attack on Iran, with or without U.S. knowledge or consent, but many analysts believe the only way to setback Iran's nuclear program is with a full on American assault.

While Iran says it's sick and tired of U.S. threats and pressures, Shapiro told an Israeli newspaper America was “guaranteeing that the military option is ready and available to the president at the moment he decides to use it.”

Scott Peterson at The Christian Science Monitor reports that Iran is going to the Baghdad talks with the hope of getting some of the sanctions imposed against it lifted, but that there is doubt "about whether the US can – or even intends to – ease sanctions no matter what steps Iran agrees to take."

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Comment by James Eldridge
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Just for my viewpoint, there has been talk since 9/11 about another false flag event here on American soil to get the entire public behind another attack on an innocent country. As we have seen over the past 20+ years, countries in the Middle East are falling one after the other until the only one left to take down is Iran. Notice the ten years since 9/11 and talk about another false flag and it has not really happened yet, so the public is getting soft again to the point where a false flag will catch countless millions off guard. All of the answers to turning this nation around and rebuilding it are right in front of our faces, but that is not in the plans for those that want total control over not just this nation, but the entire globe. Solving things by diplomacy is not the new American way and has been gone long before any of you reading this were born. Stop looking at this as a problem that 99% of us can solve. 98% of that 99% want nothing to do with saving their own lives. The snowball of affects of world problems in too big for a small group of 1% to turn around at this time.

Comment by Anon Patriot
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