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Watch This Weekend's Eclipse... Without Burning Your Eyes Out

This Sunday, May 20, the moon will pass directly between the sun and the Earth, casting a shadow across the western United States, Canada and eastern Asia. Most people in western states will see a partial eclipse, like a moon-shaped bite has been taken out of the Sun. But those lucky enough to be in a 185-mile-wide swath from northern California through western Texas will witness the sun transformed into a spectacular ring of fire in a rare event known as an annular eclipse.

The moon will be at nearly the farthest it travels from Earth during its 29.5-day elliptical orbit, so it will not block out the Sun fully, as during a total solar eclipse. Instead, the smaller-seeming moon will superimpose over the sun, eclipsing about 94 percent of its disc. An annular eclipse has not tracked over the U.S. in almost 18 years.

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Comment by Chris Menke
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Maps and Info for the Ring of Fire Eclipse with link to live feeds Maps and Info for the Ring of Fire Eclipse  


Comment by Trevor PresentlyInAshFork
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In case you might be wondering WHEN this will occur, be in position by 5:20 in Arizona. The full show will last into our sunset.