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Viva La Dime Card LOV3olution,


Hi everybody,

When I’ve seen the dime cards project from donttreadonmeme on facebook, I thought that is an awesome idea to explain the steal of inflation. “Paid 20 cents for a gallon”. So I tell to myself : “Does exists old French coins in silver ?” I search on internet and I found a lot of old French coins in silver who have no numismatic value for the last 120 years. Great :-)

1st french dime cards

So I decided to contact the donttreadonmeme team to have more information and to explain my project. They answer for all my questions and now I can show you the first French dime cards. I named this project “La monnaie saine” a translate of “The sound money”. So I created a website to explain the sound money.

1st french dime cards

1st french dime cards

 See more pic's at our website,

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