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The case against 'indefinite detention'


The U.S. government cannot keep citizens in prison without accusing them of a specific crime and proving their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The right to a charge and a trial are in our Constitution. We boast that they separate us from lesser governments—lawless regimes that extinguish liberty on a whim.

Those rights, however, are not as secure as we may think. The federal government now has the power to detain indefinitely any person—including U.S. citizens—arrested on U.S. soil, indefinitely, without charging them with a crime or proving their guilt.

We have proposed an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act, which the House is due to consider Thursday, that will protect the right to a charge and a trial for all people arrested in the U.S. It does not affect military detention of persons captured abroad, including those at Guantanamo. It simply states that anyone arrested on U.S. soil must receive his or her constitutional right to a charge and a trial.

Our proposal also repeals last year’s ill-conceived mandatory detention provision. The current law prevents the military from judging whether to detain suspected terrorists caught abroad. The mandatory detention provision was opposed by virtually every national security expert that looked at it — including the heads of the CIA, the Defense Department, the FBI and the director of National Intelligence, as well as several Bush administration national security officials.

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Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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With NDAA in effect, donkeys of terror can run but they cannot hide!

Only a mind of a mule that kicks the hay it feeds on, would say that the indefinite detention of U.S. citizen terrorists and terrorist suspects is treason. It is definitely REASON, not treason. But I would give this counsel carefully as I would to a child I care, with such kindheartedness because a freaking juvenile mind is fragile it could break if wisdom is forced into it with the Hammer of Thor.

 Imagine Timothy McVeigh, the Unabomber, Charles Manson, and Jared Loughner – all U.S. citizen terrorists – as your apprehended suspects. Civil rights donkeys would release them after 48 hours of detention and investigation without being charged of any crime because of the requirement of "due process". Terrorists hide their crimes under this principle of justice that we know they and their lawyers use to their advantage.

But the American people had learned a valuable lesson from that stupidity at the expense of the lives of victims of terrorists that would have been alive today had it not for that passionate triviality, if not obsessive idiocy of granting due process to captured terrorists and terrorist suspects programmed to kill and destroy.

We continue to fight this war on terror every step of the way, and one step at a time as we slowly progressed and learned that "due process" had become archaic, and its value is no longer to our advantage. It became a weapon of terrorists to free themselves from police custody and continue their mission to cut throats and bomb cities.

It is for this reason that the Nation now rises in one voice, and through Congress, the National Defense Authority Act was passed to get rid of "due process".

Terrorists and terrorist suspects, especially those who foolishly claim that they cannot be detained indefinitely because of "due process" are now left in the cold. The American people saw to it that terrorists and terrorist suspects can no longer fool them. They can now be detained indefinitely until their nefarious designs are investigated thoroughly and exposed or their innocence is established for their release.

Terrorists and terrorist coddlers hate this government strategy aimed at securing the safety of all Americans, and for ensuring the success of our national security program currently in place.

Under this improved system of fighting terrorists and supporters whose goops and slimes make them more slippery than those deadly Mamba snakes hiding in the bushes, once caught, there are no more liberty and freedom they used to rely on, to slip away from the closing national security dragnet.

Had bin Laden been alive today he would have worked so hard to spit his venom of protests on the face of U.S. Government officials since the time the Department of Homeland Security forces had, under the NDAA, started to disrupt Al Qaeda’s timetable for mass murder, and derailed the operations of Jihad operatives to assassinate Americans, besides busting their schedules to detonate bombs on airborne airplanes and blow up targeted population centers all over the United States.

But a bunch of Americans who hated the U.S. Government more than they hated Al Qaeda, had taken over bin Laden’s anti-American cannonade. And to top it all, no less than disgruntled Americans themselves are taking over where bin Laden left!

If you read their salvo of threats and insults on what the Government is doing to catch terrorists on the run, you would think that bin Laden is not dead. They are under bin Laden’s fighting mood every time they launch their relentless anti-Government attacks.

Once this few sons-of-a-gun Americans succeeded in doing all these for Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad soldiers of Allah would just get rid of them later on. Jihad’s dirty bombs do not distinguish between Americans Al Qaeda wants to kill and Americans that had killed for Al Qaeda. Terrorists’ divinely inspired instinct is to kill all of them anyway, for as long as they are Americans.

In Mohammed’s kill-them-all scripture for Islam's Holy War, religious fanatics must kill and eliminate all "Infidels", to the last American standing.

Relief would have been differently expressed by grateful Americans had the Americans – not the terrorists -- been viewed inside that strongly-built imaginary Dome that protects and ensures their safety. At the same time, it is not difficult at all to construct a huge Geodesic Human Dome somewhere in the wilderness to protect Americans from nuclear terrorist attacks – not terrorists inside this giant spherical shield where they are protected from arrest and detention. With the passage of the NDAA into law, depriving them of due process is a defining reason for survival – not treason in the mind of terrorists and terrorist suspects whose back the DHS is vigorously pushing against the wall with hardly any possibility of escape.

The bottom line is, foreign and local terrorists and their sympathizers feel so dramatically ecstatic with their initial 911 success in attacking New York and the Pentagon that they become the adversary of their own defeat. They began to entertain this foolish notion of defeating the might of the United States of America – the undefeatable nation that ever existed on this planet!

No words are necessary to describe the haunted life of terrorists and the future of terrorism waged by the enemy of the State against this country. Mules may continue to kick the hay it feeds on, but nothing would change. Donkeys of terror can run but they cannot hide.

The outcome is inevitable.

Comment by Anon Patriot
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