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Teach Your Children Well

•, by Vicki W
My daughter was recently in an Earth Science class where a discussion took place. The other students didn’t know that the dandelion with the yellow flower and the dandelion with the white seeds were one and the same. And this is from students who have taken numerous public school science classes and will soon be out in the adult world. As I told this to a close friend, she made the observation that this will be the level and skills of people we will be dealing with should TEOTWAWKI happen. My heart hurts that children aren’t taught to think and how to ask appropriate questions. Some never develop a thirst for knowledge. They are simply unprepared to live an independent and self-sufficient lifestyle.

As a 12-year homeschooling mom, I have some thoughts and ideas to share with others concerning children and the area of preparedness. I realize that many readers of Survival Blog may have already raised their family and would instinctively pass by this article. But are any of you grandparents, aunts, uncles, or neighbors of younger children? I recently spent the day with a curious youngster who asked many questions of “how” and “why” I was doing things throughout the day. It occurred to me what an opportunity it was to engage a young mind and body into the everyday life of a prepper.

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