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Donations to Scott Walker Flagged as Potential Fraud

•, by Kim Barker
 When MaryAnn Nellis tried to pay for groceries on April 14, her credit card was declined. Later, she said, she found out why: Her credit card company, Capital One, had flagged an earlier purchase as potentially fraudulent. The problem? A $5 donation to Friends of Scott Walker [2], the Wisconsin governor's campaign committee, Nellis said.
Nellis told a Capital One representative she had not made the donation to Walker, who is fighting an effort to recall him as governor in a closely watched, expensive election set for June 5.
"Over my dead body," said Nellis, a potter and retired teacher in upstate New York who describes herself as "adamantly angry and upset" at Republicans such as Walker. Nellis disputed the charge and she was issued a new card.
Though the amount of money was small, ProPublica decided Nellis' complaint was worth following up. There have been other reports recently about insecure campaign-donation websites and the potential for fraud.

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Comment by Gene Kernan
Entered on:

RepUGNANT Walker (Don't know why my full sentences  keep getting ridiculously condensed, but it's happened thrice, today)

Comment by Gene Kernan
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Or, Chip, SEIU's "brother unions" decided to do a "Kansas City Shuffle" and use the scam that helped (s)elect Demonicrat O-Bush-ma against RepWalker...

Comment by Chip Saunders
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Obama's election team pioneered this tactic in 2008 and it was the main reason he had so much money to fund his victory. Over 300 million dollars came into the Obama coffers that year via small independent donors using card payments, and a huge percentage of them were fraudulent. However, the Obama team said they had no idea they had no way of knowing payments were fraudulent when received, and that finding and returning the millions of individual contributions was unworkable, so they would keep them. The Republicans of course noted how well this worked, and as any good student of their enemy will do, have now apparently adopted the tactic for themselves.

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