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The Power Principle: Corporate Empire and the National Security State

• Lew Rockwell blog
Watch this extremely perceptive documentary on the nature of power projection, propaganda, and hegemony of the American empire.

While many viewers will interpret it as decidedly "left-wing" in tone, it takes a very unorthodox critical stance toward power elites in the WWII and Cold War period, resembling John Spritzler's The People As Enemy: The Leaders' Hidden Agenda in World War II.


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Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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This portrays the struggle of the United States and the Soviet Union as rivals in the struggle to build their own respective empire of power and influence all over the world. The videos looked back to where this struggle started.

This is not new to me. In the academe, I wrote a thesis on this struggle for world dominance long time ago. We developed our Military Industrial Complex that Eisenhower was fearful about, in such a way that we won the struggle for superiority against the Russians both militarily and in the race to outer space. In this struggle, the Soviet Empire did not only fall behind, but as a nuclear threat to the United States and the world, had disintegrated to almost nonentity. So today we remained the only Empire of power and influence that the world looked up. Russia is no longer with us as targets of both contempt and admiration the world over.

The radical left had picked up and continued Communist Russia’s relentless socialist attacks of the success of the capitalist U.S. Empire as if the struggle for empire-building has not ended between the two Superpowers right after the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Only this time the propaganda struggle against the United States has been taken over by the enemy within, and the enemy outside the country that believe on the mere theory of expediency that to destroy the "U.S. Empire" where the Russians had failed, is a worthwhile preoccupation, especially among people with nothing else to do except wallow in their frustrations and who at the same time are looking for something else to blame. Al Qaeda came into the picture only lately.

If there is anything else worthwhile viewing these three videos presented to hate the "U.S. Empire", it is the fact that we won the struggle for world dominance against the Soviet Union. That we won sans any doubt is documented in these videos. You can imagine had the Russians won and had become the only Empire left today. I wonder where you would be when the Superbowl is held this year – in Siberia? There might not be any Superbowl at all – too cold out there.

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