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PAULFEST is gaining steam!


TAMPA — Supporters of presidential candidate Ron Paul are negotiating to hold a three-day festival of music, entertainment and activism at the Florida State Fairgrounds immediately before the Republican National Convention.

Paul Festival 2012 would run from Aug. 24-26, ending the day before the convention begins.

Details like ticket prices and who would be on stage have not been announced, but the festival could draw 20,000 or more people a day, estimated Deborah Robinet, an organizer who lives near San Diego, Calif.

"Ron Paul supporters are very enthusiastic, and there's going to be a bunch of them in Tampa," said Robinet, one of five directors of the nonprofit group Liberty Unleashed, which was incorporated this month in Florida to make arrangements for the festival.

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Comment by Steve Duncan
Entered on:

We, a group of positive energy have spoken, to provide light whenever your hate creates darkness in this forum. You think Annonymous75 the brainy Captain America -- the real American hero --here to protect the public from Loki [Loco like you] will waste his time on a hopeless scatterbrain you turned yourself to be? Read your repetitious, going round and round comment below -- on what topic do you begin, where and what is the middle, where did Ron Paul suddenly come from, etc.? You were advised to take your medicine before you write your comment so that you can focus, but you are so sick and stubborn as a mule!

Comment by Arty Choke
Entered on:

Lambast your Long-Nose comment? Not worth it. You cannot even make up your mind who you are dealing with, duh! 

Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

Hey Hawkeye, don't let these jokers bother you. When you look at their comments, there are several things that are apparent.

1. They don't seem to know what freedom is, and they are fanatically unwilling to learn.

2. Most of what they say contains vicious condemnations of people rather than analysis of the ideas and ideals that people are expressing.

3. Often, the condemnations of people refer to aspects of psychology.

Because of the above, and a whole lot more like it, they fall into one of the following categories.

1. They are doing what they are doing because they are communists or Muslims out to destroy freedom and America in the world.

2. They are paid propagandists, paid by the elite, possibly super rich of the world, designed to keep as many of the freedom lovers of the world in slavery to the rich.

3. Judging by much of the terminology that they use, they may be in prison, or on the funny farm, or in a prison funny farm. And they are a touch fearful that if freedom reigns, they might lose their free lunch.

One thing is certain. They are NOT simply a bunch of folks that simply have different ideals. How do I know? This is one of the few forums where I participate regularly. And this is the first time that I have run into jokers like these kids, who are so adamantly set against freedom ideals that I espouse, without expressing clearly what is wrong with the ideals they are against.

Now, even though I don't participate in many forums, I skim many. And since meeting these jokers in this forum, I have slowed down in my skimming, so that I actually think about what people in some of these other forums are saying. And you know what I have found? Jokers like these exist in ALL the controversial forums.

So here is the conclusion of what this is about.

1. They are not generally funny farm people, although some of them may possibly be in prison. Why not? There are too many of them, all over the Internet, doing the same kinds of things as these jokers, in all kinds of forums, on all kinds of topics, regarding all kinds of subjects. Not only are they against freedom, but they are against things like free energy, self-medication, legalizing illegal drugs while stiffer controls on the legal ones, audit the FED, getting the FDA out of our lives, getting the American military out of policing the world, and just about anything that you can think of that makes sense and gives freedom to the people.

2. If they are anti-America, anti-freedom commies, Muslims, and/or foreigners, then they are very well funded, and very well organized. And the free Internet is a tool that is allowing them to propagandize more than ever before. They are loving it.

3. That leaves the idea that they are paid propagandists, paid by the rich, by big media, by big business (perhaps big military business), by those that want to keep us all slaves, and make the whole world their slaves. This is probably the most logical conclusion, since they don't really have any teeth in their responses. Most of their responses are simply repeats of what they are saying, as if they could turn their lies into truth simply by repeating them over and over.

When they are pressed too far on a particular forum topic, they simply stop responding, like they are chalking this particular one up as a loss, and if they press further, their loss will become larger - like any good military strategist, there are times that you retreat, when you can see that there is no benefit to going on and that you will have more than acceptable losses if you continue.

Since I am now looking, I am seeing their type in many forums. Often their writing shows that they have little academic control of the English language. This leads me to believe that they are often (but not all) foreign, paid-off-by-the-rich, Jihadists, out to destroy American freedom in any way they can.

If they are from Arab oil nations, they don't want us to become oil-independent - which we easily could, since North America probably has way more oil than the Middle East. In fact, their command of the English language suggests this more than any other idea of what they are about.

Now, is this a bad thing, to have them in this and other forums, I mean? Emphatically NO!

Why not? Because America is founded on freedom. And freedom works, as we can see by how strong it has made America. So we NEED people like them to constantly remind us of how some people use their freedom to destroy freedom rather than to enhance it. We need to constantly be trained about how to recognize those who are against freedom. And these jokers are the perfect example of it.

In everything, let's get out there and continue to fight our good fight. Ron Paul and his ideals - the American freedom ideals - have won a lot already, even if he never wins another seat in Government, even if he retires after his first term as President.

Ron Paul has won, because he is waking the people up to the slavery that we, as a nation, have been drawn into. Let's take his ideals - and a lot more like them - and push real freedom into existence around the world.


(Oh, by the way, watch them lambast this comment to see just exactly what I mean.)

Comment by Jerry Alexander
Entered on:

U IN Fact are Dirt.

Comment by Courtney Jalospanis
Entered on:

 What? To hold a carnival of fools just before the Republican National Convention?

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