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Video: Ted Anderson, Owner of GCN & Midas Gold, is a Minnesota Delegate to Tampa!


Ted is one of the hardest working men in the Liberty / Freedom / r3VOLution business!

Here he is being interviewed by RT America's Liz Wahl:
Ron Paul takes Minnesota delegates; Texas next?


Published on May 22, 2012 by RTAmerica

Ron Paul took the Republican Party Convention in Minnesota by storm. Paul was able tosnag 12 of the 13 delegates bringing his total to 32 of the states 40 GOP delegates. This marks a huge win for the Texas congressman and his supports,but can he keep it up? Ted Anderson, president of, gives us some insight on why he voted Paul.

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Congratulations Ted, and to ALL InfoWarriors and MN R3VOLutionaries for their amazingly hard work, and even better, utterly dominating the MN GOP State Convention!

Not to mention, saving MN GOP's arse with new blood, energy, enthusiasm, inspired activism, and of course, the only thing that matters to the RINO old guard: the fact that Ron Paul supporters can raise cash, and LOTS of it!

For those who may not be aware, Ted has been one of Dr. Paul's biggest supporters for a LONG time. He also financed the Ron Paul Air Corps in 2008 cycle and is a long time sponsor of Dr. Paul's Campaign For Liberty.

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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I see that she is asking those same lame questions,and making statements in an attempt tomake Paul look weak...I use to like her but now she is just one on THEM.

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