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Chuck Todd: "Undecided voters dislike Romney and Obama but love Ron Paul"

Chuck Todd: Undecided voters dislike Romney and Obama but love Ron Paul  

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Comment by Ed Price
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Like Don says, lot's of folks against freedom, gloriously portray some aspect(s) of freedom as highly desirable. Yet the way they portray, is to completely destroy the admirable features of freedom.

It's kinda like the minister in the pulpit who says "You must believe God to be saved. Please believe in God and His Son, Jesus. You need to do this so that you can be saved."

The minister is telling the truth. His long-time congregation already believes in God and salvation. What they subconsciously hear from the above minister's words is that they do not believe, yet. Otherwise the minister would not be exhorting them to believe so fiercely. So it leaves them doubting as to what their faith status really is, and what else they have to do to be saved, thus weakening their faith instead of strengthening it.

If you are fighting for freedom, you are doing well.

If you are becoming depressed in your fight for freedom, if you feel that your work is not being rewarded with success, think of how you anti-freedom opponents feel, considering that they are using freedom itself to fight the very weapons they are using to win their anti-freedom fight.

Get in their and redouble your efforts. You are winning. Keep on fighting.

Comment by Don Duncan
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C.M. tried to characterize the RP supporter as a disgruntled, inefficient, fired IT employee. Then he says: "I think I know some of these guys." Chris knows nothing. He is clueless about politics. If he understood the RP supporters and presented their case, he would lose his job because his job is to misinform. And his intellectual capacity is well suited to the task of the blind leading the blind.


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