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Food Abundance??

• Resilient Communities
We have a centrally managed production system. Few producers. Few suppliers. Even fewer retailers. Even our demand is centrally managed (although brand marketing creates the illusion of choice and desire). Managed Demand Few alternatives. Supermarkets and box stores have killed off nearly all alternative retail outlets. Local producers have been squeezed out of existence (that’s changing rapidly as the old system breaks down). This bureaucratic system frozen in place by a brain-dead financial mono-culture and a vast panoply of government regulations, laws, and subsidies. What’s the End Game? Failure and opportunity through creative destruction. As with all extremely centralized systems, particularly those that attempt to operate at a global scale, our centralized system will break down. When it does break down, the result will be very similar to what we’ve seen numerous times before: empty shelves. As that happens, local production will step in to replace

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