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Gander Mountain Caves to Anti-Gun Pressure Cancels Pro-Gun Workshops

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Anti-gun activists bombarded Gander Mountain with bullying phone calls and emails regarding this week’s planned NRA-ILA Grassroots Workshops, urging them to cancel.

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Comment by Ed Price
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It is not the people behind the anti-gun activists that do not have the guns. The anti-gun promoters, and many of the anti-gun activists themselves have lots of guns. The reasons that they are anti-gun promoters and activists is, they don't want to get shot by the general public when they use their guns to steal from and murder the general public.

This is the short version of what anti-guns is all about. It is brief, and to the point. But it's larger ramifications include the destruction of 2nd Amendment personal arms rights. Second Amendment arms freedoms is the only thing giving the people strength to remain free.

Isn't it about time that the average person is armed with the latest versions of fully automatic weapons? If the whole nation were armed, the whole nation would learn respect of each other. There would be peace. Why? Because the non-peaceful people would be dead or in prison (if they were lucky).

Switzerland is loaded with guns among their populace. Even though we in America have the 2nd Amendment, Switzerland gun freedom is far stronger. And Switzerland has more freedom and strength, size for size, that America has in every other area as well. Gun freedom means overall freedom.

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