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Federal judge overrules jury in beating case

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A federal judge has overruled a jury's verdict that found  a Wood County sheriff deputy did not use excessive force when he beat a man who was reportedly "running his mouth" while detained in a processing room.

U.S. District Judge Joseph Goodwin cited "unequivocal" video evidence of Deputy Jim R. Asbury's alleged assault on Brian Sawyer. The federal judge ruled in favor of Sawyer and ordered a new trial to determine damages.


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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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The power of the judge or prosecutor over the jury is in direct proportion to the jury’s ignorance.

Red Beckman

What runs through these sheeple's minds? Any time anyone hits or becomes violent toward another person, especially an officer of the law, without real probable cause, is a crime period and the person doing the crime should be held accountable. Good for the judges ruling. This is one case that the over ruling is certainly  justified.

Comment by Ed Price
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Let's hope for several things:

1. That this judge is truly one of those who want to do what is Constitutionally right;

2. That he overruled the jury verdict legally correctly, and with proper due process;

3. That the repercussions done by big business and the police union will not harm him or this case;

4. That if the judge made a mistake in the way he handled the jury, that the jury will:

a. Get the judge to recuse himself from this case so that due process is upheld;

b. That the jury will have learned law from the judge's decision, and reverse their verdict after they force the judge to recuse himself.

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