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The state of the military-industrial complex is strong: War may dwindle, But MIC will Never slow.

• William Collins, Minuteman
War may dwindle,

Peace may grow;

But weapons makers

Never slow.

What can you do with a bunch of used generals? If you keep them active, they need new assignments. These can be expensive. But if you let them retire with fat pensions, they’ll go to work for arms producers, lobbying for more weapons and more wars. Either way citizens pay through the nose.

Congress is even more costly. Seemingly sensible lawmakers turn to Jell-O when weapons contracts are at stake. In my tiny state of Connecticut, we happen to make nuclear submarines, the blunderbusses of modern warfare. Their main job seems to be running onto reefs and colliding with fishing boats. We have too many now, but we can’t stop making them because jobs and profits (and elections) will be lost.

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