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Ron Paul Arizona Update

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Hello Patriots!
The Arizona GOP Quadrennial State Convention was held on May 12,  2012. The Official results are under investigation as we speak by the Ron Paul for President Legal team, County GOP leaders, ranking members of the AZ GOP Party and third parties.

I know that there is a lot of confusion and wonderment as to what happened and what is going on.  I get many emails every day asking who the “B” delegates are, who are the alternates, will there be a new convention, what evidence do we have?  And I promise that very soon I will pen a detailed account of the events synthesizing all the information I have access to.  But now we have more pressing concerns.
“In order to change government, you must become government.” 
Ron Paul said that.  And guess what he is right! If we had the majority at
the State Convention we would have run the show, adhered to the rules and elected a Chairman that was fair.  But while we had many they had more. Let’s change that right now!
On this email there are 6,000 plus Ron Paul supporters all in Arizona. Make sure to forward this email to your friends in Liberty as well.
6,000 that is (4x) the number of delegates that sat on the floor at the state convention. 6,000 that is almost a full roster for the Arizona GOP Precinct Committeeman positions. 6,000 is a huge number. 
Precinct Committee (PC) Men and Women represent 125 votes each. How much good can you do with 125 votes?  6,000 x 125 = 750,000 votes. You can elect the party leadership; you can vet and weed out the congressmen before they get to Washington.  You can vote on who the delegates are.

 You can change government by becoming government.
It’s easy to Watch YouTube videos or to share an article on Facebook about Liberty, the NDAA, and the financial crisis we are in. But will you beat your drum only or will you stand shoulder to shoulder with your brothers and sisters in the R3VOLUTION?
It's simple to become a PC, you can get started NOW!  You need to do a few things. Some things you may already do every day in your life.

1)      Talk to your neighbors (who are registered to vote) , get them to sign your nomination pettition (PRINT ON LEGAL SIZE PAPER ONLY FRONT AND BACK)  You only need 10-15 signatures max.  In some parts of AZ you may only need 1 signature.  Any non-Democrat or non-Libertarian voter can sign your nomination petition.

2)      Fill out a Nomination Paper affidavit saying you want to be a PC.
3)      Get your forms notarized.

4)      Give them to your PC Coordinator
It's really that easy guys,  there are no filing fees, no application costs. Just you talking to your neighbors about trying to make the world a better place.
We have people in every corner of the state to help you through this process. Go to this website for a list.  We have notaries who will meet with you to help get your Nomination Paper affidavit notarized free of charge.
If you decide you do not want to do this, that donating your money and attention is enough for you, that’s OK. We need and appreciate that too, but if the next Convention comes and it is as corrupt as the last one, then know that you could have done something to change it.
Many times in life opportunity shows up, and for one reason or another we miss it, maybe it’s a distraction, maybe it’s obliviousness or apathy. Don’t let this one pass you by.  The real message of Ron Paul is to “Restore America Now” by restoring the power to the people.

“Let it not be said that we did nothing.” Dr. Ron Paul 
 Remember, YOU are the R3VOLUTION



P.S.Since this is such an important message I will be sending this out several more times in the next week from several different email addresses at differing times in the day. I"m sorry if it seems like spam and understand if you flag it as such. The hope is that everyone of our Patriots reads and acts on this imprtant message of Freedom!


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