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Judge sends honor student to jail for missing school

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“If you let one of ‘em run loose, what are you gon’ do with the rest of ‘em, let them go too?” the judge offered as justification.

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Comment by Alan Gaudette
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What closet and what century is the judge been living in. With Jail time on his record, the otherwise brilliant student, may not be accepted at a college/university that would otherwise welcome him.

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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This black robed devil should be horse whipped and thrown in jail himself. How friggin demented and sick can these bastards get? This is incredible and very scary that these psycos disguised behind respectability have this kind of power and even the criminal drones with guns and badges to go along with this should be held accountable as well. THEIR DAY IS SOON AT HAND.


Comment by Dennis Treybil
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I am reminded of the last sentence in The Naked and the Dead.  "Nobody should have that much power."  (Or so I was told.)

What's hell about this situation is the fact the judge HAS power, has discretion and chose not to use it.

Who gets thrown in jail over this?  A gangbanger missing school while selling drugs?  No.  A young person excelling in school while struggling to support her siblings in the absence of her parents.

I wonder how Judge Lanny Moriarty would feel if someone took one of his sons or daughters or nieces or nephews and hurled them over the fence into a jail for an overnight stay.  Do you suppose he would accept his own argument, "An overnight stay in jail is not a death sentence"?!

What happened to a jury of her peers?  Isn't a night of liberty worth more than $20?

If there is an answer anywhere, if such an answer even exists, rigid adherence to anything written down prior to an "infraction" is not that answer.

DC Treybil

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Do you think she could tell the difference?