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16 year old boy solves 350 year old mathematical theory posed by Isaac Newton

• the hals report
Shouryya Ray, a 16 year old from Dresden, Germany has solved two fundamental particle dynamics theories that have baffled physicists and mathematicians for over 350 years. Ray, who was born in India and moved to Germany when he was 12 claims “schoolboy naivety” led him to solve the puzzle. “I didn’t believe there couldn’t be a solution,” said Ray. Many professors, mathematicians and physicists had previously stated the problems Shouryya Ray solved were “uncrackable.” In fact, only partial solutions had been discovered up to this point with the help of a supercomputer. The solution devised by Shouryya Ray makes it possible to calculate the path of a projectile in Earths gravity while factoring in air resistance. Shouryya’s work could lead to greater precision in fields such as ballistics.

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