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Sasquatch Linage Identified

• arclein
In this essay, however, I am positing that there is also a close correlation of the Sasquatch to a more ancient member of the genus Homo - the family of man - based on the fossil record. Most of the more ancient fossils of hominins and hominids are mineralized or "turned to stone" to a degree that any extraction of DNA is virtually impossible. The rather extensive and often bewildering variety of fossils are classified according to their morphology

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Comment by Ed Price
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Okay, let's imagine, for a moment, that Bigfoot really DOES exist. What does their existence show us about U.S. and one-world-government politics? It shows us that governments are continually attempting to herd their citizens into the cities to keep them there in slave labor groupings. How does the existence of Bigfoot show this? Here's how.

Has anyone ever seen a Bigfoot? A lot of folks claim that they have.

Well, what solid evidence do we have for the existence of the Bigfoot creature? Isn't it limited to things like photographs, plaster casts of footprints, the fossil record? Yet, all of these things are limited to possible accidental or intentional misinterpretation. What we DON'T have is any authentic record of a Bigfoot in captivity. We don't even have a dead Bigfoot body. How does this show that governments are slave-making organizations?

Let's say that Bigfoot is real, really does exist. For Bigfoot to be able to hide from all the hunters, from all the explorers, from all the campers, successfully for all these years, shows us that there is a lot more land out there than governments want us to believe.

If the land is so large that Bigfoot has been eluding capture all these years, then the land is so large that we all could have a 100-acre plot for our very own, and that we could live on our land, freely, growing our own vegetables, doing whatever we pleased, all without the rat-race slavery of the big city life. And government is hiding this from us... if the existence of Bigfoot is a fact, that is.

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