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RNC tries to block Ron Paul Festival!

•, by ausscyn
 The first thing he told us was that the RNC had a hold on all the facilities in Tampa, in case they wanted to use them. So far, they've had no use for the Tampa Fairgrounds & the fairgrounds wants to host the RP Festival, yet the RNC won't release the fairgrounds to sign the contract. Siemon said their attorney has FOIA'd the fairground & the RNC for contract paperwork that would support them not releasing the fairgrounds. The RNC doesn't have to play ball on the FOIA, but the fairgrounds must. Siemon sounded very confident that his group will get the fairgrounds in the end, and if not, there are alternatives. But, the RNC is not happy about this festival.

On that note, I suggested that Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, Palin & the whole gang be invited to the festival! Speak, sign books, shake hands, have a sno cone! What a way to warm up for the national convention - no? Right now, the RNC is acting like we're amassing an army, when they need to know we're having a love-in for the Constitution. We definitely want to make love, NOT WAR - right?

We also discussed the idea of this festival being OUR convention, where EVERYONE can be a delegate for Ron Paul. Wouldn't that be a hoot?

This conference call was wonderful! If any of you were at the Nations Celebration, and the Rally for the Republic in St. Paul four years ago, just imagine that multiplied by 100! That's how BIG this is going to be!

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Comment by Ana Panot
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The daily publication of a campaign ad showing the picture of a pretty-much used up aging politician who is almost at the edge of senility is not a pretty sight for me. This kind of human exploitation is worse than slavery it makes me sick. Let's clean up this dirty environment. You good guys out there ...are you still with me? If you are, let's do it!

Comment by Steve Duncan
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 We are trying to protect Ron Paul from scavengers who are attempting to stage a "carnival of fools" and skin the gullible public of their hard-earned money using an aging politician who wanted to quit but being held in some kind of a "hostage" situation.  In return, we get this shit. With a lot of ingrates, ranging from political mulcters to disguised Al Qaeda assassins, local terrorists and terrorist suspects and terrorist coddlers everywhere, I tell you it is not easy to be an avenger for justice.  But I threw my unconditional support behind this guru of reason who calls himself Annonymous75 when he declared that we  have to do something to protect the public, even if we have to experience discomfort and risk our safety to peril. It is more than just for me to say that it is worth it!

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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 Cyclope, I am only one of the many public protectors in this freedom website and other freedom online publications who for the safety of Americans and for national security expose hiding terrorist trolls like you in the FBI Watch List, stri;p off their disguises, until they come to get you.  Until then, all you can do is hate me, discredit me, and throw your renal excretions on me and on others like me. But I have already given you not only plenty of beating but also plenty of soap to wash your dirty mouths and I am using an insect repellant, so roaches like you don't bother me at all.

Comment by David McElroy
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 Vanderville! You contribute nothing of value time and time again, and I wonder if you are simply a odious troll or playing devil's advocate. You support tyranny and oppose the cause of liberty in hurling slander and misinformation. You attack sound money, Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin. You would impose brutal police tactics just to stop Ron Paul's festival in Tampa because you have a love for Mitt Romney! Was your daddy a Nazi stormtrooper? Is your purpose here merely to bait us? You are neither democratic nor republican, but fascist! You surely are a master baitor with hands-on experience!

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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Not good for peace and order.  A festival of fools to pocket some money, should not be allowed not only by the RNC, but by the township. If Ron Paul followers from the "lunatic fringe" had planned to get drunk and make love in public, this festival of fools should be outlawed to protect the citizens.

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