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European team bests Chinese record at teleporting distance

•, by Bob Yirka
 The work done by both teams, and many others across the globe in working out how to use entanglement of of information to achieve a degree of teleportation is not just an exercise to prove that physics theories are correct; if qubits can be sent and read onboard satellites a new age in such communications is likely to be born, one where messages can be sent without worry that they are being decoded by others. That’s because common sense tells researchers that information that is sent instantaneously, without having to actually travel through the air, leaves no means for those that might wish to capture such data.

In their paper, the team says that they had to develop several different techniques to deal with all the noise that occurs when attempting to communicate not just through the air, but air that is volatile. This was made even more difficult by uncooperative weather and sand storms. One of those new techniques might just help pave the way to teleporting qubits much longer distances. They used entangled to synchronize the clocks that were used on both ends of their system to enable them to look at the qubits at both locations at very nearly the same instant in time. Prior to the development of this method, researchers had to rely on GPS synchronization. This new method reduced the event window from 10 nanoseconds to just 3.

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