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Ron Paul and The Many – LibertyPac

Touching on the cornerstone of his monetary policy, Dr. Paul explained how current economic policies hurt the purchasing power of the middle class, how to solve the inflation issues of today, and how freedom can bring people together to create prosperity.

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Comment by George Voit
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 Some of them might have escaped from mental asylums. They should be returned to their safe haven.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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Not qualified to talk about monetary policy and national security, much more knowledgeable when he attacks them the way terrorists do. What you see and hear in this video is a joke only of which anyone may laugh until their stomach hurts. Reality is, his knowledge of Economics is obtained by delivering babies, and knowledge about the Constitution is learned by ear only -- c’mon, let's face it! Talking nonsense on these subjects is pathetic. Main Stream Media never heard of him, and it is not even aware he exists.

Small crowd like this seen in self-serving Ron Paul videos is purely entertainment, and profiteering organizers are making some pocket money. An organized crowd from the "lunatic fringe" calls him "President Ron Paul" of the United States... so sick. He has been running for President for the last twenty years and couldn't even get an official nomination to run for president. This is how this "carnival of fools" looks like in this video. But a bunch of loony can't accept reality. They really believed that this guy is the President of the United States!

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