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Yeah, but They Caught the Bank Robber...

• Lew Rockwell blog
People stopped at an intersection in Aurora, Colorado, on June 2 suddenly found themselves staring at cocked and loaded guns held by police, were dragged out of their cars, handcuffed, with police demanding to search their vehicles, and then detained as criminals for two hours. In other words, they were arrested mass style because police "had a tip" that a bank robber was stopped at the light.

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Comment by Ed Price
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We all know that the police and prosecutors will attack any unsuspecting citizen they can. And if the suspect happened to be a simple, innocent, trusting citizen, they will press the case until they make him look guilty in ways that he will never be able to fight. Besides that, most defense attorneys are on the prosecutor's side, even though they act like they are working for their clients.

Comment by Steve Duncan
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Criminals and those who have brushes with the law, rejoice when LRC twists stories for readers to hate cops. By putting their lives on the line, good cops give them a hard time. Because diligent cops prevent them from doing what's in their criminal mind, criminal elements call cops "Nazis". That's all what they can do while still outside of jail, until cops come and get them and put them inside!

Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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DON'T BE DECEIVED ... is doing it again!

Lew Rockwell blog objected that the robber/s were caught, as if it was objecting to the way the robber/s were caught! That’s how this anti-Government blog site deceives the public!

I commend the way the bank robber/s was caught. There was no other way. The robber's car was among the 25 other cars stopped in the red light traffic.

In this situation, to catch the robber/s was not easy. The pursuing police officers and law enforcers had to carefully go from car to car and with guns drawn and handcuffs ready, confront the occupants the way they should confront the culprit/s. That was a routine police job professionally done under such a difficult situation. took advantage of this situation by describing what law enforcers did as plain police "thuggery". Confronting car occupants to find out who among them were the runaway bank robber/s was pictured by this notorious Government-hate blog as violation of individual freedom. Portraying the arrest of the bank robber/s this foul and odious way is a stinking blow below the belt only practiced by professional scoundrels.

Remember what I said about LRC. It is a notorious anti-Government, anti-war and anti-State Hate Blog. It is one of those money-making hate-peddlers in the Web. Its modus operandi is to twist or slant the story for readers to hate the police and the U.S. Government. As a radical anti-State activist, LRC makes money in the Web by using its professional skill to discredit and humiliate the State and the U.S. Government.

If you want to know more about as a peddler of anti-Government-anti-State hate, read my previous comments here in Freedom Forum. I exposed LRC’s rascality and tomfoolery when it twisted the meaning of "torture" in the title of this article they concocted:

If You Oppose Torture and Gitmo, the SPLC Says You Are an Extremist

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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Cops are the most dangerous element in society today. They can shoot and murder anyone they set their sights on with total immunity. THIS IS AN UNDISPUTED FACT AND ANYONE WHO THINKS OTHER WISE IS A BLIND IDIOT. 

I myself who has never committed a crime except for exercising my rights, have also had a near death experience when swat teamed only to be let loose a few minutes later. The best part of this event was the nazis who were pointing their guns at my head, were shaking my hand an hour prior to this training mission.


Comment by Temper Bay
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Several laws and 'rights' broken here. but there will be no prosecution for tyranny supports and protects tyranny.

Tyranny will only stop at the muzzle of a rifle.

Comment by Ed Price
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Chip is right. Cops are getting smart. They are doing more and more to protect themselves legally as well as in the eyes of the public. The "suspect" they caught was probably one of their own, sent there to play the part of a suspect if the cops didn't find anyone else. You probably won't hear any more about this, but if you do, it will be that the charges against the suspect have been dropped.

Meanwhile, the media will play up the idea that the suspect is guilty - without saying it directly, of course - simply to make the public feel, subconsciously, that we are all guilty until proven innocent. Why would the media do this? It is part of a big propaganda play to make the people think that they SHOULD be prisoners of a police state. It helps us to be good little slaves, working for the fascist machine.

Comment by Chip Saunders
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Did they?


All I read was that they found a guy with a couple guns. No cash. And he was the last one they searched. Maybe, upon realizing how their ass was hanging in the breeze, the cops decided he was "good enough" and declared victory?


I am suspicious.

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