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A business guide to the IPv6 transition

• by Adam Carroll , Gregory Nachtwey and Stephen Wil

As IPv6 Day heralds the enormous success of the Internet in commercial and social settings, the Internet community faces a need to meet unanticipated demand for IPv4 addresses.

During the transition from IPv4 to IPv6, a considerable number of agreements will be executed to ensure that the available supply of addresses is effectively matched with corresponding demand. However uncertainty may arise surrounding the time, cost, and potential disruption of Internet commerce. IPv4 purchase agreements must incorporate terms and conditions that address this risk. In this article, we aim to guide the Internet community toward intellectual property agreements that can successfully manage such risks.
The last IPv4 address is expected to be assigned in late 2014, an event referred to as "IPv4 Exhaustion Countdown" or "IPv4 doomsday.". Current projections indicate a shortfall of at least 800 million IPv4 addresses worldwide by the end of 2014.

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