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Atom Split Into Two And Then Put Back Together Using Quantum Mechanics

•, By Nathan

An atom has been split into halves, separated, and then put back together, in new research from the University of Bonn. The word “atom” literally means “indivisible,” yet quantum mechanics allows an atom to be split and put back together in a way similar to rays of light.

The researchers are doing this work because they want to build quantum mechanics bridges, by letting the atom being pulled apart touch adjacent atoms, forming a bridge between them.

Dividing atoms brings to mind things like nuclear fission and radiation. However, this is a completely different process. The laws of quantum mechanics allow something to exist in several different states at once. This is what the “double-slit” experiment is based on, an object going to two separate slits at once.


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Comment by Ed Price
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Did you ever notice that the more that we achieve, the faster we achieve even more things? What if the only thing that holds us back is lack of the belief that we can accomplish anything?

I mean, it seems that the more we believe that we can do "it," the more we think about HOW to do it, and the more we DO IT.

You watch! People will start to believe that they can actually think in ways that will allow them to accomplish all kinds or things with their MINDS, directly, without the use of anything physical. Average people will start to move things with their minds - mental telekinetics. People will start to mentally teleport things.

Once this "mental freedom" starts to be believed, no government will be able to stop or contain anyone. And nobody will have the ability to harm anyone else, either... at least until those who have the ability have strengthened their ability through constant use. I wonder if there aren't those who have accomplished this already, and if they aren't holding all the rest of us hostage with their MINDS.

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