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When Will The Younger Generation Realize How Much We've Screwed Them?

•, Bob Adams
 The moment we heard it, we all laughed! We laughed at the greed and self-absorption of an older generation who talked the talk, but turned its collective face from the challenges of the present and the future, our future.

Contrary to popular opinion, we were not all liberals. There were conservatives and others who would later choose to call themselves “libertarians”. Although young, we had our heroes, both living and dead, from older generations, Ayn Rand born in 1905, Barry Goldwater born in 1909, and John F. Kennedy born in 1917, among others.

But we shared one thing in common, the feeling that our futures were at stake, but most in the older generation didn’t much care. And we saw it expressed here.
That was followed by decades of struggle, struggles that were fertile ground for votes and for hypocrisy.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Very good point. Very good clip.

The older generation of that day had been through WWII. They had realized a joint effort that made America the greatest nation in the world. They were proud. They were relieved. Most of them didn't realize all the wicked, evil scheming that went on behind the scenes, to get WWII going, and then to get America into the war. And the few that are left, still don't see it today. They still take it at face value.

Let's hope that today's kids wake up, right now. And they are. You can tell, by how many of them are supporting Ron Paul. What will the future hold?

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