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Poll: 24 Percent of Americans Believe States Have a Right to Secede

• CNS News
Nearly one-quarter of Americans believe that states have the right to secede, according to a recent poll from Rasmussen Reports -- up 10 percentage points in two years.

The latest poll is just one of many that shows that Americans have “serious and growing concern about the federal government,” according to Scott Rasmussen, founder and president of Rasmussen Reports.


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Comment by Boston Releigh
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I fully agree with you JV and I support Annonymous75’s "teaching" lesson wholeheartedly – it is so magnanimously endearing to me for Annonymous75 to provide this intellectual therapy to those who desperately need it.

But here is my pitch for national security from the military point of view: The enemies of the State can bring their survival kits and certain amounts of provisions they could carry and gather their muskets and run to the hills when Federal forces close in, but the State can’t. It has no legs to run and hide like the enemy of the State has. The American people who live in the State, are the State themselves. Only the enemies of the State hiding within the State are not part of that State – they are the bad tissues that ulcerate into a cancer in the State’s body politics.

In short, those scampering anti-Government bucket-kickers cannot bring the State with them to the hills no matter how they cry their lungs out for secession.

As my colleagues in the practice of law, both of you may now have a good preview of how I argue my case in the court of law when in a casus belli this push comes to a shove.


Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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Good work Annonynous75. Go, teach them a lesson. I have my own myself to make them less ignorant of what they are saying, but I don’t think they have a mind’s ear for listening. They are not in the mood of discussing issues … they are just talking and airing their anti-Government gripes out. Angry, they have no capacity to argue. The mind is so whipped out with hatred as if you are just talking to the wall.

Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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Never mind the Poll… it is only a political window-dressing tool, a self-serving advertisement -- like a display of merchandise for sale in the store of public opinion. This is part of what I wrote in my academic work on the importance of the State and Government.

The ignorant rebel must know that whining against the Federal Government does not give the States the right to secede. Secession would outlaw the State, exactly what the enemy within and their minions instigate to destroy this country. The Federal Government's Homeland Security forces would first round them up methodically one by one as the American people have spoken when through Congress they passed the National Defense Authorization Act. This get-the-terrorists-law was meant to stop the enemy within and throw their hiding accomplices off-balance before they can disembowel the country or exenterate any State out of the Union and declare a war against the United States of America. It is all figured out -- haters of the U.S. Federal Government may bellyache and scream their hearts out until they turn blue, but do they have a chance of succeeding? Not at all … none … zero!

Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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 Only whackos believe and the enemy within dreams the United States would disentegrate. No State would ever separate from the Union. This delusional dream of terrorists and terrorist-coddlers will never happen in a million years! 

Comment by Robert Bilyeu
Entered on:

These are all good posts, very informative.  We would all do well to research the problems that arose out of the War between the States, when the Southern States were brought back into the Union and helped to ratify the 13th Amendment and were in turn thrown out and placed under military jurisdiction when they refused to ratify the 14th.  Remember the Carpetbaggers.

Research the 17th Amendment, which removed the power of the States to seat two Senators in order to protect the States rights and placed that power in the general electors of the state.

Find out about the original 13th Amendment, TONA and discover whether or not it was properly ratified and what it would have accomplished.

"Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."  II Timothy 2:15

Comment by Ed Price
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States don't need to secede to get out of the Union. all they need do is vacate the state offices. Federal Government does not have the authority to re-seat any State Government if it is done properly.

One place to look to see how the Federal Government, way back around 1913, unseated the United States of America trust Government that George Washington and the gang set up for us, is Take a look. You will be amazed at the lengths some Government officials and big bankers go to, to steal our freedom, our property and even our lives.

Comment by Jim Welch
Entered on:

This is a book every political junkie should have. The book is:
"Is Davis a Traitor; or Was Secession a Constitutional Right Previous to the War of 1861?" by Albert Taylor Bledsoe

This great book is the best ever written on the right of secession. It was written by Albert Taylor Bledsoe in 1866 and was used by Jefferson Davis’s legal team to defend him against charges that they thought were forthcoming from the federal government after the War Between the States. Those charges never came because lawyers for the federal government KNEW secession was a legal constitutional right, and they were not about to lose in a court of law what they had won on the battlefield.

There is a new 1995 reprint (North Charleston, SC: Fletcher and Fletcher Publishing) of Bledsoe’s 1866 book. It is a Limited Edition numbered book and the following numbers are available right now though that could change as books are sold: 533/950, 539/950, 540/950, 541/950, 543/950, 551/950, 552/950 and 553/950.

A historian by the name of H. Newcomb Morse wrote an article that appeared in the Stetson Law Review, "The Foundations and Meaning of Secession."

He made the point that at the point of a bayonet the Southern States were made to surrender the right to secession all affirm the existence of a right to secede . . . (Source: H. Newcomb Morse, "The Foundations and Meaning of Secession," Stetson University College of Law, Stetson Law Review, Vol. XV, No. 2, 1986), 420.).

The Federal Government made the Southern states surrender the right of secession after the War Between the States, but the question is, why would the Federal Government make the South surrender the right of secession if that right did not exist?

How could the Southern states have surrendered the right of secession unless they absolutely had that right in the first place? There is an irony that actions of the Federal Government itself provide some powerful evidence that the South had the legal right to secede.

Morse argues brilliantly and persuasively on numerous points and concludes that the South unquestionably had the right to secede from the Union and it exercised that right - through conventions of the people called to decide the one issue of secession - correctly and in strict accordance with the law.

As Woodrow Wilson said, "The War Between the States established the principle that the Federal Government is, through its courts, the final judge of its own powers.

Our Republic has ceased to exist, the Constitution including the Bill of Rights is moribund, and America has become a real Oceania with perpetual war, omnipotent government controls, massive public surveillance, and mind control of the people through control of the media, the schools, and heavy handed regulation of the economy.

Comment by Joe Tittiger
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Great post Robert Bilyeu you said it better than I could.

Comment by Joe Tittiger
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What the hell does a poll have to do with anything? 

Are we a federation of states or are we a nationalistic system?

I hope you know the answer.


Comment by Robert Bilyeu
Entered on:

One need only to read the "Declaration of Independence" to discover that this Nation itself was born out of the right of secession when our forefathers declared ourselves free and independent States and not subject to the laws of King George.  There were States that threatened secession during the War of 1812, Northern States, also during the "Mexican War".

We may ask how the State of West Virginia came into being, when the Lincoln Administration decided that the Union must be preserved therefore no State had the right to secession but a section of a State could cede to the Union by seceding from a State.  The answer to the question of secession should come from the issue of creation, which is the creator and which is the creation.  Did the Federal Government create the States, or is the Federal Government a creation of the States?   One need only to study the Constitution to discover the answer.  The problem then becomes that any State that secedes then becomes responsible to their citizenry for the protection of their individual rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness which becomes a tall order in and of itself and therefore is not a decision to be taken lightly.

I might also add as to the question of nullification that the "Kentucky Resolutions" authored by Thomas Jefferson, the author of the "Declaration of Independence" and the "Virginia Resolutions" authored by James Madison, considered to be the the "Father of the Constitution" appears to me to be the answer to that question.

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