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America’s Largest Export: Bigger Government

•, by Bill Buppert
How many times do the bipedal human parakeets on television news squawk about the need for a more stable central government to make all the bugbears go away? How often does this meme haunt any conversation about bringing stability to the Middle East and especially in the countries that the American military is currently occupying and trashing? Official Washington on both sides of the aisle are always cheerleading the latest government expansion and increase.

They don’t know anything else. Freedom of action without government permission simply does not compute for them. The bubble of insulating propaganda and self-congratulation puts virtual cotton in their ears. They are deaf to any concept of a non-police state social arrangement. Scratch a Republican or Democrat or Green or even a beltway Libertarian and they are either tone-deaf to freedom and liberty at the atomistic level or terrified of the implications for their power.

Afghanistan as a very anarchic country really short-circuits the Beltway meme that ALL humans wish to be corralled into tax jurisdictions and looked after by benevolent police states that will fine, kidnap, cage, maim or kill any cattle that don’t comply with the program.

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