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G7 Is Concerned About Euro Collapse ... Sure They Are!

•, by Staff Report

Free-Market Analysis: The Earth is falling and the Eurozone is wobbling. Brussels is worried, Germany is intransigent and Washington is "concerned."

The proximate cause of these worried brows is a dysfunctional continent-wide union that had no reason to exist, no popular mandate to expand and no certainty that what is occurring now shall not repeat again, in one form or another, in the future.

As we've pointed out before, the EU is a blossoming fascist state with little direct democracy, a judicial system verging on the Napoleonic Code (guilty until prove innocent), an expanding Euro-army and a determination to wiretap, chip and generally track individuals throughout the continent.

It is this nascent authoritarian nightmare that the US and the G7 are "concerned" about. A union that has brought bloodshed, agony and bankruptcy to its entire southern flank; a monetary union that now needs a political union to ensure its survival.

This is surely a power elite dominant social theme. One can see the gears grinding as this promotion lurches along. The elites want to run the world and they frighten people into going along by using fear-based memes.

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