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Mars Colonization Mission Will Happen Live on Reality TV

•, By Colin Lecher
 But Nobel Prize-winning physicist Gerard 't Hooft and Big Brother co-creator Paul Romer have a brilliant solution that will put colonists on Mars by 2023.

The key: Fund the whole shebang by turning the mission into reality TV.

The Dutch company Mars One is managing the project, and in its explanatory video below, talking heads call the project (a little euphemistically maybe) a "media event," comparing it to the moon landing. They also tout the fact that its apolitical and taxpayer-independent, a private space endeavor, paid for by eyeballs on screens.
Romer told The Daily Mail:
The entire world will be able to watch and help with decisions as the teams of settlers are selected, follow their extensive training and preparation for the mission and of course observe their settling on Mars once arrived. The emigrated astronauts will share their experiences with us as they build their new home, conduct experiments and explore Mars.

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