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'Brenda' responds to Washington Post Article

• Washington Post Comment Section
The following is the first comment made (and well received by other Commenters) after the Washington Post article - you may want to read it first (click on 'read more' below) but it isn't necessary. - Ed
"Your condescendingly gracious willingness to forgive Ron Paul supporters for being patriots who believe in the constitution is misplaced.  You might wish to reconsider whether or not we are deserving of your forgiveness on the terms upon which you extend it.  You see, you're wrong. Ron Paul did not endorse Mitt Romney and his supporters, his real supporters, have not changed course.  Ron Paul supporters are not commodities that can be passed along to the highest bidder by his son or his grandson-in-law or anyone else for their own political gain.  I'm sure that's a unique concept for you to grapple with from a framework of party mind control.
What you fail to understand, and perhaps cannot comprehend, is that we support more than a man in Ron Paul.  We fight for a constitutionally free America broken loose from the bonds of economic slavery.  If Mitt Romney, or any other candidate demonstrated the awareness, knowledge, commitment, dedication, honesty and ability to lead America back to freedom as Ron Paul does, you would not need to attempt childish bullying to gain our support of that candidate.
I will proudly bear your childish label of "Paulbot" before I'd accept the condescendingly extended recognition as someone representative of your view of a Paul supporter.  Your view of a Paul supporter is of someone who would vote for a presidential candidate who they strongly believe fails to represent the fundamental principals and the vision of America that they hold dearly. 
You expect Ron Paul supporters to elect a man who is not vehement about bringing American troops home from where they are spread all over the world and henceforth sending them to war ONLY constitutionally when there is an immediate or imminent threat against our own shores.  You expect us to support a man who has been silent about the attack on our freedom represented by CISPA and the NDAA.  You expect us to vote for a man who has been silent to the growing police state of America and who believes he should consult his lawyers and the UN to decide if we should go to war --a man who makes little mention of the constitution that was intended to keep us a proud and free nation and the many laws, executive orders and institutions that have sprung up in flagrantly blatant disregard of our constitution.
Please call me a paulbot.  But make that "proud" paulbot.   You will forgive us if we accept the error of our ways?  Forgive us for being patriots who believe in a better America?  Forgive us for tirelessly but peacefully working to elect the man who offers the realization of our dreams for a better America?
We campaign in peace and we explain our reasons for supporting the man we believe to be the only hope for restoring America to her former glory while you, on the other hand, attack us personally, vilify us, ridicule us and try to close the election process to us.  You try to deny us our right to decide independently of you or any party who we believe to be the best person to lead our country.  We tried to work with you from within the republican party seeking to elect the man who we believe to be the best candidate for president, but because we choose not to be sheep, willing to elect the establishment choice as president you seek to marginalize us outside of "your" party.  We don't attack you personally for supporting the candidate that you do.  We attack the other candidate's positions on the issues critical to the well being of America.  We stand for you and your children as well as for ourselves. We stand for America." 

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