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Lawsuit: Architect In Diabetic Shock Beaten By Multiple Officers...

 A disturbing lawsuit has been filed against the Baltimore County Police Department by Linda Johnson over the death of her husband, Architect Carl D. Johnson on May 27, 2010. Johnson was pepper sprayed, tasered, and beaten before his death on the way home from Bible study class.

 Linda Johnson is suing the Maryland State Police, Baltimore County Police, individual commanders and six officers. Her lawsuit claims that her husband suffered a diabetic attack after calling a friend and crashing on I-795. First to the scene was State Trooper Davon Parker who pepper sprayed Johnson after he lowered his window of his car, which had crashed into the median. When Johnson got out of the car, Parker clubbed him on the knee and then allegedly another officer (Loss) clubbed him.

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Comment by J E Andreasen
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This is a real question; not a provocation. What would happen if these officers were prosecuted, convicted, and executed under felony murder (presuming Maryland law has it)?

Would it dissuade the police from such outrageous behavior? Would it cause more mindless, tribal violence on their part? Would it do nothing?

The real problem, in my view, stems from the concept of sovereign immunity. Once you have two sets of rules, the present outcome is the only outcome.

It really is a “color” issue. “Blue” vs. “not-Blue”.

Eventually the courts usually stall off the showdown by “discovering” some pressure-venting “rights” for the untermenschen.

If they do not, the police will discover, rather brutally, just how outnumbered they are. The bagpipes will blow. The mouthpiece media will hand-wring.

These “Law Enforcement Officers” will die in the street, utterly confused, bleating the eternal refrain; “But, I was only following orders…”.

Yes. We know.


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