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Guantanamo Bay detainees rebuked by Supreme Court


The US Supreme Court has refused to hear arguments made on behalf of seven inmates being held at the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba military prison, in turn authorizing the government to further detain captives without charge.

America’s top justices offered no comment on Monday when it was confirmed that they would not review the cases of select Gitmo prisoners.

Not only have none of the seven inmates been formally charged with a crime, but many remain unjustly detained even following a 2008 Supreme Court decision that ruled that all Gitmo detainees may have their detentions reviewed in federal court. The Court’s refusal on Monday came but one-day shy of the four-year anniversary of Boumediene v. Bush.

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Comment by Arty Choke
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Terrorist sympathizers never realized the significance of this U.S. Supreme Court decision.  They are still talking nonsense while their friends, cousins and relatives in Guantanamo prison camp are doomed to stay there till hell freezes over to pay for their beastly behavior and terrifying lunatic crimes.

Comment by Courtney Jalospanis
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If you are a terrorist or terrorist supporter, the Supreme Court just saw to it that pigs will live a life better than yours from now on. That means that the rank of your status in life in today's society has been reduced lower than that of swines.

Comment by Ana Panot
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 Whatever you say or do for terrorists, it is too late now. You lose.

Comment by Temper Bay
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Like lipstick on a pig, Tyranny is no more justified because a bunch of 9 flakes rule otherwise.  Sieg Heil, Amerika!

Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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The U.S. Supreme Court now joins the American people, the Executive Department [Homeland Security] and Congress in seeing to it that terrorists and terrorist suspects are deprived of their liberty to kill and their freedom to destroy. It just confirms the right of the American people to detain terrorists and terrorist suspects INDEFINITELY.  These two-legged killing-freaks of the human species in the animal kingdom that threaten our national security and the safety of the American people are stripped of the right to due process only humans -- not beasts --deserve.  I have said this repeatedly before, and I am saying it again to drive this important point right into the skull of anti-Government haters that still continue to make outrageous comments that terrorists and terrorist suspects are entitled to due process.  They seem to enjoy kidding themselves so much they neither have the time to hear me nor have the opportunity to read my lips.

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