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Silver Circle Underground - 2012 A Silver Odyssey

PorcFest time again this year. The Porcupine Freedom Festival is the annual summer festival of the Free State Project, which is a movement of liberty minded individuals moving to New Hampshire to consolidate their efforts toward establishing a voluntary society. Over 10,000 have pledged to move (myself included) and an estimated 1,000 have moved already. In previous years PorcFest has received national media coverage for the thriving silver counter economy that occurs at the festival’s Agora Valley, which is a temporary open marketplace that goes on throughout the event. But this year monetary visionaries Drew Phillips and Ross “Donttreadonmeme” Edwards are launching the silver economy into the future with the debut of the world’s first silver dime card vending machine dubbed “The Moneylith.” Ross and Drew are the innovators behind where you can purchase a wide variety of liberty themed apparel, and where you can get the Silver Calculator App which allows you to calculate the real time value of silver coins and numerous other alternative currencies to facilitate transactions in the counter economy. To further facilitate the counter economy, and the use of silver as barter money, they purchased the vending machine in January with the sponsorship of Roberts & Roberts Brokerage Inc., Freedom’s Phoenix, Silver Circle Movie (that’s us), The Shire Society, Freedom Engineering, Shire Silver, Porcfest 2012,, and Now, the Moneylith, named because the machine’s black appearance resembles the Monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey, is ready for PorcFest and will be filled with alternative currencies that can be purchased as easily as you’d buy Doritos from your office vending machine. The Moneylith will be stocked with their signature Silver Dime Cards from FreedomsPhoenix and DontTreadOnMeme, including a series of PorcFest 2012 special edition cards that I had a hand in designing. It will also be stocked with promotional dime cards from a bunch of other liberty lovers like FR33 AID and Tarrin Lupo’s Pirates of Savannah card, as well as alternative currencies from Shire Silver, David Silverman and the Muslims 4 Liberty 3 gram silver dirham. In addition, the Moneylith will include the first Silver Circle Trading Cards we’re launching in collaboration with DontTreadOnMeme. They are the same laminated trading cards as the other Silver Dime Cards, but instead of a silver dime they’ll contain our 1/10 oz Silver Rebel Rounds. These will include a limited edition #0 card teasing our upcoming series of Rebel Trading Cards that feature characters from the film. Those should be ready for release later this year. So, if you’re going to be at PorcFest make sure to check out the Moneylith and get your hands on some of these innovative alternative currencies. Then take them over to Agora Valley and get yourself of a hotdog or a cup of coffee. Believe me. Everything tastes better when it’s purchased with silver. And don’t forget to visit our official website to learn more about the Silver Circle Movie:

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