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Why Not Canada?, by C.N.

 My question is, have you thought about the possibility of greener pastures awaiting you just a short trip up north? I understand loyalty and having a fierce love for your country, however, in really bad times when bugging out is necessary, maybe Canada has what you might want for a short or long term visit. We are a kind and friendly people with one of the lowest homicide rates in the world (of 1.8 per 100 000), those are some pretty good odds.

If your country was to implode, why not come up here with us?
Perhaps you don't really know Canada. Survival blog readers are a special type of intellectual and deserve to know the benefits of my country, as a precautionary measure. Due to the rural nature of most of our country, many of us are preppers or farmers or homesteaders by nature. I believe it's fair to say that almost every Canadian knows someone who grows, fishes, or hunts, therefore creating a more self sufficient environment should something terrible happen.

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