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Chuck Baldwin Warns Ron Paul

•, Kurt Nimmo

Dr. Baldwin said attacks on our precious constitutional liberties and the implementation of an Orwellian high-tech surveillance state can be directly attributed to the foreign policy decisions of the global elite and their ruling political establishment.

Ron Paul consistently opposed this foreign policy agenda on constitutional grounds. Rand Paul’s endorsement of a man who would continue and expand this agenda – as Obama continued and expanded directives handed down to Bush – represents a serious and possibly fatal blow to Ron Paul’s long and unwavering attempt to rekindle the republic and its core principles enshrined in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Baldwin underscores a prescient fact: Rand Paul’s endorsement of Romney translates into direct support for the neocon foreign policy agenda of war waged against Syria and Iran. It signals that the younger Paul will support a destructive and limitless war waged against manufactured enemies. Rand Paul will also accept and work to implement the police state at home that is a closely related and necessary corollary of the war on terror. His endorsement is at its very core a betrayal of Ron Paul’s legacy and his attempt to restore the republic. It downgrades if not wrecks the Paul name as a standard bearer for liberty.

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