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Taxing sugary drinks enough might nudge people to buy fewer Big Gulps.

•, By Maddie Oatman

Talking pop is all the rage right now. Scarcely a day goes by without mention of the state of tyranny that will arise if New York mayor Bloomberg succeeds in restricting the size of sodas sold in some venues in the city (the NY Board of Health gave preliminary approval to the measure on Tuesday). The latest New Yorker cover portrays a couple cowering over a massive cup of a sweetened drink, trying to shelter it from the view of a passing authority. Catalyzed by the sneers of Jon Stewart and polling that suggests a majority of Americans would rather make their own call on soda portions, the hip response to all this seems to be weighted towards "keep the government outta my Coke" libertarianism.

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Comment by chris gill
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and what will big brother do with the taxes collected on said big gulps? Pay for medical help like they do for cigarettes oh wait they don't. It is just a general welfare tax that big brother (or more like nurse ratchet) will impose
in the name of a greater good.  

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