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Jon Stewart – On JPM Senate hearing & TN Sen. Bob Corker kissing his A$$

No matter what position the video may show, these politicians are all on their knees. This happens to be a Senate hearing, same in the Congress. True in both houses and across aisles to include the Executive branch. Simply put, it like a high school football scrimmage, skins against shirts. Both would like to look good and impress, but they know that they are all part of the same team playing for the same coach. Same mindset between the Executive branch and the Legislative branch, between Republicans in office and Democrats in office. And while we squabble amongst our selves over meaningless ideologies, the big wheels keep on turning. Put an ear to the ground. If you do not hear it coming that is because you have already been run over, because those in controlled officials will never bite the hand that feeds, except one. Regarding Corker, he is a cancer to the people of Tennessee, to individual rights and free people everywhere! Related Post:

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