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Two Alaska militia members convicted of conspiracy to commit murder

• Reuters
The prosecution of Schaeffer Cox, 28, founder of the Alaska Peacekeepers Militia, and two followers, tested the limits of free-speech rights and the point at which violent talk can be interpreted as a threat to act violently.

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Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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Okay, let's use this venue for a meaningful discussion of this latest development in Alaska about the future of violent militias which a lot of them are here in this website not only to advocate bearing arms against the Government but also baring their fang ready to bite anyone who opposes them. It is not fair that a DREAMER, acting like a rabid wolf that strayed into this venue --  is occupying so much space when it should be used to articulate views about the Alaska court ruling that suddenly dropped like an ax on the head of militiamen who are after the neck of officials in the Government. What is the future of their insurrection? This the public wants to know.

Comment by Anonymous
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Those who do not know ask a lot of questions. I wish I could help. As a mother who loves and cares about her young innocent children, I cannot stand witnessing ignorance killing this wondering and forever-wandering lost adult who like a child is guessing and asking a lot of questions that are not even relevant worth anything of value.

Comment by Vincent Castillan
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I agree. The Government is the greatest threat to violent militia. I expect anti-Government militias to abandon their violent way to fight the Government they could never defeat ...not in a lifetime! They will just go crazy dreaming and speculating, speculating and dreaming endlessly, that they can win -- like this one who is already disconnected and when he talks, no longer make sense.

Comment by Richard Harding
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It blows my mind!

When reality is what you make up or create inside your mind, you are not even aware that those violent militia men in Alaska were convicted by the court of law. And because that is not the reality that you conjured in your mind, you are not aware what's going on, that is why you ask, what court of law, what jury, what etc. Really? No, is that not a "manipulation"? Oh, no, when etc., etc. You need help....

Comment by Ed Price
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When all is said and done, when the case is over, the question to ask is not, "Were threats made?" The question to ask is, "Who has been harmed?"

If these guys had been in the habit of harming anyone, they would have been in prison long ago. Or, more than likely, they would have been dead.

Who knows the points regarding this case? Which of us can speak from first-hand experience, having witnessed the whole court action?

Yet, the big question asks itself. Which people in Government have been harmed by these guys? The answer is, NO GOVERNMENT PEOPLE HAVE BEEN HARMED!

The question that naturally follows is, "Have these guys been harmed by Government." The answer is a distinct and resounding "YES!"

"But, but, but," you say, "The jury found them guilty!"

Juries can be manipulated - are being manipulated all the time - into giving verdicts based on legal semantics rather than on justice. Who was there that can show us a clear picture of what happened in court? Was the evidence used against these guys illegally and unlawfully obtained by police activity that destroyed their right to free speech and privacy... against their 1st, 4th and 5th Amendment rights? Who knows?

With regard to threats, there are:
1. Real threats;
2. Perceived threats when none exist;
3. Fear of threat - paranoia;
4. Hidden threats that are never known about.

When you look at all the ways that law enforcement seems to be overstepping their bounds...

when you look at all the police brutality that is happening...

when you observe the legal semantics that are replacing justice in the courts...

and especially when you watch virtually all of the major Governmental officials and law enforcement officers not even reading the Constitution that they swore to uphold - to say nothing about obeying their Oath of Office to uphold the Constitution...

then, more and more it is looking like Government people are the biggest threat of all.

Once you realize that Government people are the threat, then you finally come to understand that Government people are the biggest anti-Government people of all.

Comment by Richard Harding
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The worst comic left standing! "… many Ron Paul militia men converged on this page to verbalize their r3volutionary threats against the Federal Government including threats to kill government officials and shoot cops dead."

And "supporters from the lunatic fringe" running this website want Ron Paul to be President of the United States … isn’t that a bad joke?

What kind of lunacy is that? They don’t have to pull our legs to make us laugh. If laughing hard until our stomach aches is their foolish way of killing us, they are the worst comic left standing!

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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I have served a fair warning to anti-Government "subversives" with a violent militia mentality hibernating in this website and turning Freedom Forum as a launching pad for their scratchy anti-U.S. Government remarks and/or attacks. Those angry militia men in Alaska were engaged in the same anti-Government violent threats printed in Freedom Forum, and ended up being convicted in the court of law.

Here in, very angry Government-haters and violent anti-State r3volutionaries take advantage of this page in airing their threats to kill officials in the Government, as the convicted militia men did in this case. In their anger, they "spoke of beheading judges, sending severed heads in boxes to serve as messages, hanging bodies of government workers from trees like ‘wind chimes’ and firebombing houses of government officials, then shooting the fleeing occupants."

I had warned the public to look out for mentally-disturbed creeps the likes of Larken Rose known for their threats to kill government officials and shoot cops dead.

I also reminded those crossbones-nerds that in spite of showing how brave are they in their anti-Government posturing, they might not know what to do when they come and get them anytime of the day and night. At least in this page, you know who they after earning a prominent spot in the FBI Watch List. Most of them are from the "lunatic fringe".

The leader of the convicted gang – Schaeffer Cox, 28, founder of the Alaska Peacekeepers Militia – was a 2008 Ron Paul Republican organizer in Alaska who lost in his bid to win a seat in Congress. If you noticed, many Ron Paul militia men converged on this page to verbalize their r3volutionary threats against the Federal Government including threats to kill government officials and shoot cops dead.

I assure you it will end up the same way how this pattern of underground militia mutiny and treason ended up in Alaska – to the calaboose is where they go.

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