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Man on life support after Minneapolis cop punches him for ‘talking loud’

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Sgt. David Clifford, a member of the Minneapolis SWAT team, turned himself in to authorities on Sunday after a father of four who he reportedly “sucker punched” for talking too loud spent Father’s Day in intensive care.

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Comment by Ana Panot
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 In an enounter with bad guys, I hope cops return to their family unhurt. When I was a teenager, I always pray that my older brother, who was a young cop with a wife and two small daughters he adored so much, come home after performing his duty for the day unharmed. As for law violators who want to hurt cops or want to shoot police officers dead, I hope that in the insuing struggle, the cops win and the bad guys are hauled to jail, that is if they do not end up in the ICU or end up six feet below the ground. I really hope thugs and criminals lose to cops in a situational confrontation like what happened inside this restaurant.

Comment by Boston Releigh
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Why would the cop jump on this hospitalized loudmouth if he has not done anything wrong? You call the cops if someone inside the restaurant is threatening the safety of customers with a disorderly behavior. This report projects this thug like an angel, and the cop who was there to stop him as the Devil incarnate.  It is stupid for anyone to believe that the cop wanted to kill this misbehaving thug or wanted to send him to the ICU. There was a scuffle, and his head hit the floor. Suing the cop is exercise in futility. The man should be jailed after he is out of the hospital for resisting arrest or for physically engaging a peace officer in a fistfight. Support the cops, not those thugs  that are public menace.

Comment by Arty Choke
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Learn how to read fair reporting, or fairly reported news reports, not just hate-cop propaganda.Take this anti-cop story with a grain of salt.  You are reading a hearsay. What is reported here is unverified. If true, the side of the cop is not stated or intentionally omitted if not cannibalized. Did you hate cops after reading this third-mouth deception disguised as a news report? If you did, that's it --mission accomplished.

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